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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How carpet stair mats protect my staircase?

Carpet stair mats are an effective, affordable way  to protect your stairs from daily wear and tear.  Carpet stair mats are placed on your stairs to protect your stairs from becoming worn out or scratched from day-to-day use.  Your stairs get a lot of action.  Unless you have an elevator in your house, your stairs are the only way you can get from the upstairs to the downstairs.  Other carpeted areas of your house — the living room, your bedroom, etc. — simply don't get the traffic that your stairs get.  When carpet gets a lot of traffic, it starts to wear out.  It can become discolored and weak compared to the rest of the carpet in your house.

To protect yourself against having to replace your carpet too frequently, get some carpet stair mats.  Carpet stair mats cover your stairs.  They go right down the middle of the stairs because this is where your stairs receive the most traffic. Our carpet stair mats are made of plastic, braided material, polypropylene, polyamide and various other materials. They come in different colors so you should be able to find something that matches your decorating style.

2.  How carpet stair mats protect my family?

The great benefit to using carpet stair mats is that they add traction to your stairs. When people are flying down the stairs, they can gain too much speed and trip on the stairs. These mats add traction to prevent slipping.

Millions of people are injured each year from falls in the home, but you can help prevent them in your home by using carpet stair mats.  Protect your family from dangerous falls and slip related injuries.  Stair mats are one easy and inexpensive way to keep your family safe.

Stair mats should be a must in your home if you have children or elderly adults living with you, as these two groups have the greatest risk for fall related injuries.

Many people overlook their stairs when they are making their homes safer.  They install alarms and locks, buy mats for their bathtub, and put in smoke detectors.  While these safety features are all important, protecting your family from falls is also important.  We often take for granted that hand railing will keep everyone safe on the stairs, but this just isn't the case.

Stair tread provides a non-slippery surface on your stairs. Whether your stairs are ceramic, hardwood or laminate, you can add additional protection to them.

Installing carpet stair mats will help you keep your family and guests safe from unintentional falls.  They are easy to install and will cost you less than fully carpeting your stairs.  Don't forget to make your stairs safer as you add safety items to other parts of your home.

3.  How carpet stair mats enhance my house?

No doubt that the hardwood staircase is a centerpiece in your house.  This is what you see first when you enter the house.  Hardwood staircase is considered as an upgrade, as well as granite countertop or hardwood floor, when you buy brand new house.  People pay additional thousands of dollars to have hardwood staircase versus carpeted, because it is attractive, durable, classical and increase home value. 

However, there are disadvantages to hardwood stairs – they are very slippery and wear out.  Likely, there is a great solution to this problem – stair mats! Give your stairs some personality and increase their safety with stylish and functional Comfortsteps. Your stairs will look great with the unique design and appearance of our Comfortsteps. They are available in very wide assortment of decorative designs and colors.  Stair Mats is an excellent alternative to stair runners and stair carpets and is great opportunity to represent hardwood staircase in its most attractive outlook. Comfortsteps do not cover the beauty of your hardwood staircase, they look very attractive next to wood stairs, and they accentuate and drag attention to it. 

4.  How many stair mats are included in one set?

The standard set includes 15 stair mats unless otherwise posted.  This information is available on our Home Page.

5.  What are the dimensions of the stair mats?

Our stair mats are available in 3 sizes.  Please visit Dimensions page on our website to see them. 

6.  I do not need the whole set, can I buy just few pieces?

We sell our products primarily by sets.  However, purchase of separate pieces might be possible.  Please inquire.    

7.  I have 16 steps, can I get one additional piece?

Purchase of additional pieces might be possible, subject to availability. Please inquire.

8.  Can you please describe the color?

Please be advised that we do not describe colors.  Generally speaking, a color is a personal perception and everybody sees colors different.  The pictures of our products are taken under different lighting conditions to better represent them.  Please review carefully all available pictures on our website to determine the color match.

9.  Do I need to buy any additional tools/supplies to install stair mats?  Do I need a professional help to do it?

The installation of our stair mats is very simple and can be done by anybody with no experience, even your kids can do it!  Please visit the Installation page on our website to see the installation process in three easy steps.  It is that easy!!!

10.  What are the conditions of sale?

By purchasing our product you agree to all terms and conditions implied or stated on our website. Every set of stair mats or runner will arrive to you in new condition.  By purchasing our product you agree to use this product in a proper and safe manner and properly install the product before using it.

11.  Can I order stair mats in a custom size?

No, our stair mats are available only in three standard sizes.  Please visit Dimensions page on our website to see them. 

12.  What is the width of the runner?

This information is available on Runners page of our website.  You can order any length you want.

13.  I need 5-feet long runner.  How do I calculate the cost of it? 

The price indicated on a website is per linear foot.  To calculate the cost of 5-feet runner you just need to multiply it by 5.  Or add the selected runner model to the cart, enter 5 in quantity box and press UPDATE button.  You will see the cost of your runner piece and shipping charges. 

14.  I can not find matching runner for the model of the stair mats that I like.  Can you tell me if it is available?

Not every model of stair mats has coordinating runners available.  Only Chile, Egypt, Modern and Sandhill models have runners that coordinate with stair mats.

15.  I would like to know if edges of the runner piece will be finished. 

Your runner piece is cut from the roll.  The roll edges are serged along the whole length of it.  But when we cut the piece from the roll it has unfinished edges on two cut sides.  If you need your runner piece to be finished on both cut sides you need to add serging service to your order. You can do it from Runners page (scroll down to the bottom). 

16.  My steps have rounded bull nose.  Will these stair mats work on them?

The stair mats can be installed on both (squared and rounded) step types.  However, Type B stair mats are more recommended.  They have wider plastic corner profile at the back with adhesive tape and therefore, the coverage surface is larger.

17.  Can these stair mats be applied on carpeted steps?

Even though the original intention of these stair mats is to be applied onto hard surface (hardwood, laminate) to prevent slip and fall, many people use them on carpeted stairs.  We have many customers who bought our stair mats to cover overused carpet on the stairs as it is too expensive to replace it or who wants to cover imperfections on it.  If the carper nap on your stairs is thick we recommend additional adhesive tape application. We charge $15 for it (for the full set).

18.  Can I use these stair mats outside?

No.  The stair mats are intended to be used inside only.

19.  Are these stair mats permanent or they can be easily removed if needed?

The stair mats are not permanent.  You can easily remove them from the steps by pulling them out with some force. 

20.  How well these stair mats adhere to the steps?  Will they move or slip from the steps?

The general intention of these stair mats is to prevent slipping and falling on stairs.  Therefore, they are made to be securely attached to the steps. 

21.  How much is the shipping cost?

To see the shipping cost for a particular product simply add it to the shopping cart and you will see your total cost including shipping charges.

22.  How long does it take to get the stair mats after placing an order?

We ship your order within 2 business days after receiving your payment.  Every effort is made to ship your order as soon as possible.  The delivery time to USA usually takes4-8 business days and 1-4 business days within Canada. Please note international shipments are subject to Customs clearance, which may affect (rather rarely) the length of delivery time.

23.  Do you provide a faster shipping service?  What are the options?

The faster delivery is available for an additional cost. The following options are available: 3 – 4 business days and 1 business day.  Please contact us for the rates and conditions. 

24.  What is your liability for transit of package?

After your package leaves our possession (shipped) we have no control over it.  We do however pay a mandatory insurance which will cover the cost of your item if it is lost, damaged, or stolen (the insurance fee is included with your shipping and handling cost).  Once your package is delivered the tracking information is updated to reflect that.  Please contact us if you do not receive your package within indicated time frame (see #23).  We will contact Canada Post and file a claim.  Upon confirmation that your package is being lost or stolen we will send you a replacement package or refund your payment. 

25.   What are the payment options?

We accept payments by major Credit Cards, PayPal and Certified Checks/Money Orders. 

26.  I noticed that your stair mats have different backing types.  How do they affect adhesion?

The backing of the stair mats does not affect adhesion qualities.  The stair mats attach to the steps by special double-sided self–adhesive tape. 

27.  Do you provide samples of your stair mats?

Samples might be available. Please inquire.

28.  I am planning to cover my staircase with a carpet runner. Do you provide installation instructions?

The professional contractor is required to install carpet runner on the staircase.  The installation itself may cost from $300 - $600 depending on your staircase type.  We do not specialize on stair runner’s installation and can not assist you in it.  Therefore, we offer a great affordable alternative – stair mats. No installation is required, just lay them down!

29.    How do I clean these stair mats?

It is not recommended to use wet vacuuming/washing because there is an adhesive tape at the back .  To clean stair mats simply vacuum them and use any regular carpet cleaning product for spot cleaning. 






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